Asset Management

Real estate asset management is generally taken to mean the active planning, management, implementation and control of all measures that can influence the value of property or a property portfolio at the individual property level the during the management phase.

What do we do?

Erste Group Immorent Real Estate Asset Management manages properties for Erste Group Immorent, Erste Group and for third parties. We both look after our own portfolio; and are also active on the free market (in Austria and CEE), working in line with the owner’s strategy. Through the service we provide we safeguard the intrinsic value of the investments and assist in all the areas in which the performance and sustainability of the portfolio can be improved. Legal stipulations must be complied with, the wishes of owners and tenants reconciled - and yields and risk optimised.

Once Erste Group Immorent’s lease agreements have expired, a large proportion of Erste Group Immorent’s leased assets are refurbished and either let out or sold by Asset Management.

How do we work?

By monitoring the market and conducting our own analysis, we understand the requirements of the Austrian market and the expectations of target groups in respect of renting or buying property. We manage and monitor transparent utilisation strategies, right from the initial market analyses through to contract formation. Our aim is to get the optimum out of the investments. We ensure that the property retains its value and remains a success for the whole of its economic life cycle. In order to ensure high-quality data for use in reporting and other functions, we use a market-leading software solution (ICRS), which has direct interfaces with the internal accounting and property management suites of programs.

Who are we?

Our team is made up of highly-qualified real estate experts. We are supported outside of Austria by local service providers working on our account. All the assets that we manage are also managed at property level by a property management company that takes care of day-to-day matters and of compliance with all statutory provisions (regulations, ÖNORMs, standards etc.).

What range of services do we offer?

Our range of services covers the whole life cycle of finished assets/inventory. In addition, we support our colleagues on the ground in Erste Group’s core markets by servicing and administering their local assets and acting as a Group-wide point of contact.

Strategic asset management

  • Analysis of the existing real estate portfolio
  • Alignment with investment aims
  • Suggestions for optimising the portfolio
  • Presenting investment options

Operational asset management

  • Representing the owners’ interests
  • Managing the property management company and other service providers
  • Reporting
  • Budgeting and controlling budgets
  • Letting floor space, turning the property to account
  • Safeguarding and increasing value, life cycle strategy
  • Contract and document management
  • Insurance management